Acadia National Park on MDI at sunrise

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Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor and surrounding villages offer much for visitors. Our goal is to provide a simple and inspirational path of discovery, a place to revisit past experiences, and a way to share with friends, family, and associates. It is a great way to explore the total region and become familiar with what is here, the history, and the varied landscape from seashore to the summit of Cadillac Mountain.

The following represents a partial list of pages. Take your time and enjoy the journey. Please share.

Acadia Groupings

Acadia National Park covers a very large portion of Mount Desert Island, several other out islands, as well as a substantial portion on the mainland at Schoodic Peninsula. Besides there being a huge number of interesting places within the park itself, there are also numerous places in the many surrounding towns and villages. It would be to your advantage to view the two main maps, the one of Mount Desert Island and the one of Schoodic Peninsula and surrounding areas, to get a rough idea of where everything is in relationship to each other. Select accommodations relative to areas that you want to explore, how far you are willing to drive, and your budget. Remember that, for most areas, you also have the option of utilizing the Free Island Explorer Shuttle Bus service.

Acadia & Bar Harbor Info

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