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Wildwood Stables in Acadia National Park

Wildwood Stables in Acadia National Park Wildwood Stables is located next to the picturesque Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park on the southeastern side of Mount Desert Island, Maine. They provide a variety of daily horse-drawn carriage rides & tours from mid-June through early October of each year. Tours follow the famous and scenic carriage roads that were originally constructed by John D. Rockefeller between 1913 and 1940. A horse camp is provided for visitors who prefer to bring their own horses with them for riding during their visit to the island. Horseback riding is not provided by Wildwood Stables but stall rentals are available. You may reach them at the phone number given below.

Wildwood Stables CarriageAccess Wildwood Stables via the Park Loop Road about one-half mile south of the Jordan Pond House Restaurant, southwest of Cadillac Mountain. Refer to the Acadia map for location information. The stables are operated by a private business concessionaire on park land. Reservations are strongly advised and are usually accepted up to one week in advance.

Wildwood Stables GPS: Latitude 44.314663; Longtitude -68.236661
Contact & Reservations: (877) 276-3622

Carriage Tours in Acadia National Park

Day Mountain Sightseeing - One Hour
Carriage circles coastal Day Mountain and features dense forests, ocean overlooks and distant views of Schoodic Peninsula and the Cranberry Isles. The mountain was part of the Rockefeller Estate before it became part of the National Park. This tour provides nature lovers a look at the interesting geology, plants and wildlife of Acadia.
Cobblestone Bridge Tour - Two Hours
Carriage travels along the Triad Carriage Road on Pemetic Mountain providing spectacular views of the ocean and Seal Harbor. After viewing the historic Jordan Pond Gatelodge you will explore “Cobblestone,” the first bridge built as part of the carriage road system.
Tea & Popover Carriage Ride - Two Hours
Jordan Pond HouseEnjoy a famous Mount Desert Island tradition: an afternoon carriage ride to the Jordan Pond House for Tea and Popovers! A beautiful carriage road brings you to the Jordan Pond House where you are escorted to the reserved tea lawn seating while enjoying one of Acadia's most beautiful spots. Food & Beverage is optional and payable at the Jordan Pond House.
Day Mountain Summit - The Sunset Ride - Two Hours
Once each day, carriages climb to the summit of Day Mountain for spectacular sunset views of Mount Desert Island's mountains, the seacoast, the Cranberry Isles, Schoodic Peninsula and the Isle au Haut. A pause at the summit allows for photographs and enjoyment of the beautiful panorama.
Private Carriage Charters - Featuring Elegant Small Carriages
Small private carriages, driven by a Wildwood Stables' coachman, are available for couples or small groups. This is a great and memorable experience... featuring all that Acadia has to offer - woods, mountains, forests, bridges, lakes, water falls, and ocean.


Acadia National Park's Wildwood Stables
Box 81
Seal Harbor, ME 04675
Contact & Reservations: (877) 276-3622

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