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Seal Cove on Mount Desert Island, Maine

Seal Cove, located on the southwestern side of Mount Desert Island and part of the municipality of Tremont, Maine, has a boat launch area and a nice spot for a quiet picnic. There are often a variety of lobster and yachts anchored just off the shore which makes for a particularly romantic setting when there is early morning fog. Since this is on the western shore of Mount Desert Island, sunsets can often be spectacular and the cove provides some protection from the wind. This is one of those sweet spots off the beaten path on the island.

A beautiful twilight image in Seal Cove on Mount Desert Island, MaineThis is one of my favorite places to do photography on the western side of the island. I never know for sure what's going to happen. Several times, the morning turned out to be a magical time, especially with the fog. At others, it is the evening when the sunsets or the twilight period after sunset shows itself in rare form. Since most island visitors are elsewhere on the island, one has the additional advantage of there not being any crowds. Locals know this spot and will visit it to access a boat, watch a sunset, or have a nice conversation with a close friend. But, chances are good that one will find some quiet privacy for relaxing, or taking time to get that one special photo capture.


Seal Cove at sunset with lobster boatsGetting here will depend on what part of Mount Desert island you are coming from. If you take a look at the Mount Desert Island Map, you will find Seal Cove at the lower southwestern side of the island. If you note Route 102, you will also see that it creates a loop of sorts in this quadrant of the island. Just south of Somesville, Route 102 splits. One part goes south towards Southwest Harbor and continues on to the village of Bass Harbor in Tremont. The other part that splits off goes West, then turns in a southerly direction. These will meet and complete the loop. There is a short road that goes off from Route 102 called Cape Road that will take you to Seal Cove. Parking will be on the right. GPS coordinates are below this paragraph.

GPS & Other Info

  • Intersection of Route 102 and Cape Road GPS: Latitude: 44.286813; Longitude: -68.400907
  • Seal Cove Parking Area GPS: Latitude: 44.283142; Longitude: -68.408225
  • Seal Cove, Maine Zip Code: 04674
  • Seal Cove Pond is just to the northeast along Route 102.
  • Seal Cove Pond Boat Ramp GPS: Latitude: 44.292104; Longitude: -68.392393

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