Acadia National Park & Bar Harbor

Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park is a stunning national treasure on the coast of Maine. This comprehensive vacation guide covers all of the Acadia Region from Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island to Winter Harbor on the Schoodic Peninsula. Wherever you choose to spend your time, the views are spectacular. No wonder this is one of the most visited parks in the United States, and in all of North America.

Bar Harbor, a small seaside resort on the northeastern side of Mount Desert Island, has a unique symbiotic relationship with Acadia National Park. Together, they are like conjoined twins, both born of the same mother - and she is the land and ocean combined.

Historical roots are at play here, a special blend of salty air and the classic Down East character that is easily recognized and loved by millions. Together, these "conjoined twins" are the starting and ending points of an unforgettable Maine vacation.

Using this Acadia & Bar Harbor Resource Guide

Figuring out things to do, and places to see, can be a daunting task, especially for people who have never been here before. Those who already have can cut-to-the-chase and point themselves in the right direction. For the first, second, or third time visitor, it helps to first get a visual of what the shape of the land looks like and what towns and villages are close by. Those who have never been here usually want to get a feel for the place and imagine being in this sort of setting. The following suggestions will respond to these varying needs.

Considering Acadia National Park & Bar Harbor

Start by looking through Photos or by clicking on the image at the top of the page. This provides a good visual experience that quickly tells you if you would like to learn more. If it passes the test, dig a little deeper by trying the interactive Map where you may select a town, village, or special park location to access info and more pictures. Must see places include Cadillac Mountain, Sand Beach, Thunder Hole, and Otter Cliff. If your interest is still growing, check out what accommodations are available at Lodging then the category that interests you.

Returning Visitors to Acadia

If you are returning to Mount Desert Island, no doubt you are already hooked. Perhaps you not see or do all that you wanted to before. This is where can be very useful. Many people choose to print out pages and assemble them in a small pamphlet or booklet, their personal wish list or vacation itinerary. If you are in this group, you are ready to familiarize yourself with what is here. The best place to begin that is with the two main interactive maps - one of Mount Desert Island and the other of the Schoodic Region on the mainland.

Experienced Long Term Visitors

Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor are already in your blood to stay. There is still something here for you as well and definitely much that you can share with others. Go ahead and show them why you desire to come here by Sharing in a social network. Have you considered getting a large photograph to hang on your wall at home or at the office? Or, perhaps it would make the perfect gift to give to that special person in your life. There are hundreds of photographs to choose from. At least one of them has your name on it.

About Me

As the creator and owner of Acadia Magic, I am definitely in this last category. My visits to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park span over fifty years. Yet, I am still discovering new places that I have never seen or been to before. It is like that around here. One of the greatest pleasures I have had since first creating this resource guide was when I received an e-mail from a man in his eighties who had lived in Northeast Harbor a very long time ago. He specifically wanted to thank me for the most wonderful half hour he had spent in many years. This is why I created this website. It is the result of a deeply rooted love I have for the land, the sea, the mountains, and its people, and the personal desire to share this with others. I hope that it is useful, and I truly hope that you find some pleasure while visiting. If you do, please let others know about it.

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