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“Great” Long Pond on Mount Desert Island, Maine

great long pond on mount desert island, maine

Long Pond, located in the western sector of Mount Desert Island, is sometimes referred to as “Great” Long Pond. This helps distinguish it from the much smaller Long Pond located in Seal Harbor. Much of Great Long Pond's shores are on Acadia National Park land. It has a maximum water depth of 113 feet. Boats and fishing are allowed although, a fishing license is required for Maine residents 16 years or older and for nonresidents 12 years or older.

Great Long Pond on Mount Desert IslandIf we viewed Mount Desert Island from the air or from the Mount Desert Island Map, we would see north and south aligned gouges scooped out of the land as if by a very large hand. Indeed, in this case, the figurative hand was that of a huge, slow moving continental glacier over a mile high,... 2 miles thick in some places. When this massive glacier eventually retreated and melted, it left the land with rounded mountain tops, millions of boulders, and elongated lakes and ponds such as the nearly 4 mile long “Great” Long Pond.

Great Lond PondMost of the pond is located in the township of Mount Desert. The lower southern portion is part of Southwest Harbor. Easy access is gained at the northern end of Route 102 where the road splits and one part heads directly West before turning South. You will see this on the MDI map just southwest of Somesville, Maine. Right near this location is a business that rents Canoes and Kayaks for convenient use on the pond.

GPS & Other Information

  • Great Long Pond GPS: (North side) Latitude 44.354726; Longitude -68.362856
  • Cold Water Fishing: Landlocked Salmon
  • Warm Water Fishing: Smallmouth Bass, Chain Pickerel
  • Acadia National Park Fishing Regulations
  • Additional Stats on Ponds and Lakes in Acadia
  • Maine Department of Inland Fisheries: (207) 434-5925
  • Wildlife Division: (207) 434-5927

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