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Eagle Lake in Acadia National Park, Maine

Eagle Lake, at 436 acres, is the largest fresh water lake in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island. It has a maximum depth of 110 feet and an average depth of 50 feet. Fishing is allowed but a license is required for Maine residents 16 years or older, and for nonresidents 12 years or older. You may gain access to the lake in Bar Harbor on the northern end off Route 233. There are two parking areas on either side of the road.

Eagle Lake in Acadia National ParkIf inclined, you may walk or ride your bike completely around Eagle Lake on a 6.1 mile section of a Carriage Road which can be accessed from either parking area. You may also explore the lake from your own kayak or canoe. Kayak & Canoe Rentals as well as bike rentals are available at various locations on the island if needed. (Refer to the Activities or Shops links at the top of this page.) The free Island Explorer Shuttle Bus provides a seasonal pickup and drop-off point for those wanting to leave the driving to someone else. This is a good option for many visitors. Contact the service directly with specific questions about their schedules and about what you may take with you.

Carriage Road Bridge at Eagle Lake in Acadia National ParkFrom the parking area closest to the lake, you will notice a couple of short walking paths to the right that take you further out on a small point of land with some excellent views. This whole area has a variety of places to explore. The main connecting arteries are the Carriage Roads. You will see one going right by the north side of the lake while the one on the western side crosses under an arched stone bridge where there is access to the other parking area on the north side of Route 233.

View of Eagle Lake from Cadillac Mountain in AcadiaSince this access to Eagle Lake in Bar Harbor is off a main year-round road, it should allow access year-round whereas, when the Park Loop Road is closed, there is no vehicle traffic. The winter location for the National Park Service at Acadia National Park is a short distance to the west on the same Route 233. There buildings are at the top of the next hill on the left. there is a sign next to Route 233 marking the location. If you continue west on this road, you would arrive at Route 3 and 198. Take a left to go to Northeast Harbor. Take a right to go to the intersection of Route 102 in Somesville. A left there takes you south to Southwest Harbor. Taking a right would take you through Town Hill and off Mount Desert Island to Trenton and later Ellsworth.

Weddings in Acadia National Park: Visit the weddings section for information about having a wedding ceremony within Acadia National Park or elsewhere on MDI or nearby villages and towns.

Eagle Lake Fish: Landlocked salmon, brook trout, lake trout
Restrictions: Motors over 10 horsepower prohibited

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries: (207) 434-5925
Wildlife Division: (207) 434-5927

Fishing Information

Eagle Lake Boat Landing GPS: Latitude 44.376513; Longitude -68.250634

Photos of Eagle Lake

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