Acadia National Park & Bar Harbor

Seawall in Acadia National Park, Maine

Seawall in Acadia National Park is a naturally occurring granite and loose boulder and rock seawall located on the southwestern side of Mount Desert Island about four miles south of the main city section of Southwest Harbor. This is a beautiful spot for viewing the sunrise over Great Cranberry Island. There is a nice picnic area right next to the ocean and space where you can park and view the ocean waves from your vehicle if desired.

On the other side of Route 102A is Seawall Campground, a highly desired camping area for tents and RVs. This campground has recently begun taking some reservations and is planning on accepting full reservations in 2012.

Wonderland Trail and Ship Harbor Nature Trail are about a mile to the southwest.

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Seawall Campground Entrance GPS: Latitude 44.240444; Longitude -68.304272
Seawall Picnic Area GPS: Latitude 44.237646; Longitude -68.302139

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